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Posted by arpit on August 09, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : Meditation | Views : 117

Most of us mistakenly believe that meditation is a practice for which one has to modify their personality and life, or that you have to be a certain kind of a person. There's a famous Zen saying, "You should sit in meditation every day for twenty minutes, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour."On the surface, this sounds like complete hogwash; an impractical piece of advice. But if you explore what meditation does, it makes perfect sense.



Many people believe that meditation is a relaxation and calming technique where you need to silence your thoughts, and, therfore, find the task impossible. That's because it is. For us city dwellers, with a hectic work life and demanding relationships, it isn't all that easy to silence the thoughts. There's just too much that we have on our minds, and in this overly stimulating world, we are not used to "shutting off."

What we do need, however, is to cleanse every once in a while, and that's where meditation comes in. There are many different meditation techniques, but what all of them do, is bring difficult emotions and thoughts to the surface, so that they can be released. This is why many people feel angry or sad while meditating. Because of the misconception that meditation is supposed to make one feel calm, we tell ourselves that it must not be working if we feel angry instead!



Meditation forces us to confront our uncomfortable emotions, which we accumulate as a result of our daily lives. That long traffic jam, the annoying colleague, that argument with your partner, differences with your parents, everything adds up and end up as suppressed emotions. When you sit down in meditation, all of it comes to the surface. It is terrifying, of course, but it's the only way that the toxicity can be pulled out.

Think of it as a detox diet. You eat junk food all year long, but every once in a while, you go on a juice detox to rid your body of the toxins you've been consuming. However, the juice diet makes you nauseous and run to the loo a few too many times. Meditation is detox for the soul, and just like a juice detox, it is not enjoyable. But afterwards, you feel cleansed. The feeling of calm that we associated with meditation is the aftermath, not the process.

Now if you look back at the Zen saying, it makes sense, doesn't it? If you're too busy, that means that you are that much more stressed out and have more emotions you need to clear out. So, what are you waiting for?

Picture Credits: Thinkstock

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