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Posted by arpit on June 16, 2017
Category : Health  | Tags : health | Views : 64

With this serious problem you can keep your heart healthy!

Keeping your heart healthy is very important for health but do you know that to avoid the depression by junkfood avoiding, it is important to keep heart healthy too. Yes, recent research says something like this.

According to the research, small blood vessels are damaged due to poor diet. Not only this, bad food mood disorders are impaired by bad eating and the risk of heart disease increases by 58%.
Research says that by not only ignoring the junkfood, you can keep the heart healthy but also avoid depression.
According to the Dutch scientist, the risk of depression increases by 58%, with the dangers of small blood vessels. By taking bad diets, the cells of the body's microvascular system are damaged, which increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.
These Vessels tend to cure oxygen in the body. But if they become damaged, many parts of the body do not get the right oxygen. Researchers say that if the brain does not get oxygen properly then it does not work properly. Consequence, Depression can be a situation.
Researchers also say that diabetes and hypertension are enemies of microvascular circulation. They also make moods unhappy. Heart will stay healthy and there will be no depression. Along with that you will be healthy. In this case, you should leave junkfood.

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