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Posted by arpit on November 04, 2016
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New Delhi: Do you know that simple yoga stretches can keep your bones healthy? Well, we know that consuming calcium-rich foods and physical activities help in treating common bone problems.
Even some yoga postures help to strengthen the bones and joints. It also helps cure many ailments and promotes many health benefits.
Here are some yoga poses that helps to strengthen your bones:
This pose helps stretch the entire body gently and strengthen the lower body and the bones. It also helps enhance spine flexibility and relieves gastritis as well.
Bridge pose
Bridge pose is therapeutic for osteoporosis and helps stretch the back, chest and neck.
Twisting pose
This pose is considered one of the best poses in yoga for healthy bones. It puts pressure on the spine and helps stimulate bone production and relax the back and neck.
Tree pose
One of the most iconic yoga poses for strong bones is tree pose. Holding this pose for 1 minute can help you get stronger bones.

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