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Posted by arpit on August 29, 2016
Category : News | Tags : amazing news | Views : 695

चोर जब चोरी करते हैं तो ना जाने कितने ताले तोड़कर चोरी कर लेते हैं लेकिन एक जगह ऐसी है जहां पर बैंक में भी ताला नहीं लगता जबकि बैंक में ना जाने कितना कैश होता है..तो इस विचित्र जगह - See more at: read more

Posted by arpit on May 17, 2016
Category : News | Tags : Income Tax | Views : 112

They may not figure in the Panama Papers ,nor have wads of cash stuffed under their bedsand investments in benami properties. But there are other reasons why small taxpayers can get into trouble with the tax authorities. "My mother is a senior citizen and has paid all her taxes. But she still got a notice for not filing her return for 2014-15," says Mumbai-based marketing manager Arun Kapoor. Delhi-based finance professional Varun Sahay has received a notice for not deducting TDS when he bought a flat last year. "I had no idea that I was supposed to deduct 1% of the value of the house and deposit the amount with the government on behalf of the seller," he says. read more

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