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Posted by arpit on May 19, 2017
Category : Health  | Tags : beauty | Views : 93

जब किसी को बीमारी होती है तो या तो डॉक्टर के पास जाता है या फिर किचन में घरेलू उपचार को ढूंढ़ता है। पेट के रोग में भी ऐसा ही है, लेकिन उपचार किसी-किसी को मालूम होता है। read more

Posted by arpit on March 25, 2017
Category : Health  | Tags : health | Views : 103

वैसे तो लहसुन को जायका बदलने का एक साधन माना जाता है, लेकिन इसमें कई गुड भी विद्यमान है। दरअसल, यह मजबूत एंटीऑक्सिडेंट और एंटी बॉयोटिक का काम करता है। read more

Posted by arpit on July 06, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags :  | Views : 2411

Just cleansing, toning and moisturising isn't enough especially with this scorching heat which threatens the skin with a variety of issues: burns, patches and rashes. To beat the heat and get that brilliant no make-up glow, you've got to eat right and stay hydrated. What you put in your body really influences your skin, especially during the summer. "Hydrate as much as possible. Well-hydrated, supple skin ages better. Water is important for your entire body so remember to hit the bottle," says Divya Mehta, co-founder of the skincare brand Epique.
read more

Posted by arpit on March 29, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : Contact Lenses | Views : 4674

There are some people out there who wonder why people spend money on expensive contact lenses or expensive glasses. If youíve never worn glasses or contacts, then chances are that you have really good vision. On the other hand, those that donít have really good vision will need to get either contact lenses or glasses in order to have near perfect vision. read more

Posted by arpit on March 19, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : hair straighteners styling hairstyles haircare products | Views : 139

These days, looking good is more important than ever, and many of the hottest trends in hairstyling are for super straight hair. If you’re going out somewhere and want to look your best, there are loads of products around to help you get the look right, and in this article, Iím going to give you 6 of the hottest tips for styling your hair well.
read more

Posted by arpit on March 19, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : acne, acne treatment, acne products, acne skin care | Views : 139

Having that nasty zit is sometimes quite annoying. In fact, it is a great factor on suffering low self-esteem particularly on young people whose main focus at puberty is the physical attribute. read more

Posted by arpit on March 19, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : health,beauty,beautiful skin | Views : 117

healthy, beautiful skin starts from within. Here are some timeless secrets to younger looking skin, no matter what your age. read more

Posted by arpit on March 11, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : acne, ayurveda, remedies, acne natural remedy, acne natural herbal remedy,acne home remedy, | Views : 173

Acne is a very common skin problem which affects young people at their puberty and few adults till they reach 45. Acne are referred as Youvana pitikas (which means the eruptions of youth) in ayurveda. This shows the prevalence of acne from ages. Ayurveda has described the causes of acne and recommends the best natural herbal acne remedies too. read more

Posted by arpit on March 03, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : Detox Home Kit, health tips | Views : 3445

There are plenty of detox products in the market today. These kits are also available for home use which consists of diet plans having supplementary pills and tonics, or herbal pills that contain herbs good for different body organs.

However, you should be aware that detox products have no scientific evidences that it really works. Even the productís manufacturers cannot give proof of any test compliance. Only the glowing consumerís testimonials are supporting the productís effectiveness. So make sure that the detox home kit you will choose is compatible to your needs. read more

Posted by arpit on March 03, 2016
Category : Health  | Tags : Body Detox, health tips | Views : 185

You may wonder sometimes why your body seems to be heavy and you feel lazy to move, yet you are not sick. You are more than willing to be energetic but your body is not just up to it. To address the problem, you resort to eating a lot, gulp up cups of coffee and smoke, thinking that you will be lively after. For a while, you feel good and going. Unknowingly though, you are accumulating toxins in your body. With this scenario happening more and more, you might need to detoxify. read more

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